New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution: a Trap or an Instrument?

For many people stepping into a new year is connected with revising the results of the past year and setting goals for the next one. We wanted to dedicate a post to this subject, but simply writing about our personal achievements, goals or techniques might be a little useless. We wanted such a post to be first of all useful.

  1. What is so bad about the New Year’s resolution?
    1. Traps
    2. Strong points
  2. New Year’s resolution or simply a plan?
  3. Methods

What is so bad about the New Year’s resolution?

We did a research and found out that there are people nowadays who had bad experience with New Year’s resolution and some of them for this reason even argue against setting any goals for a year.

Where does this disappointment come from? Mostly from failures. We all know, how it feels, to fail and we all know, how much it may discourage. It is always important to remember that everyone fails at something from time to time. Have you already failed at any of your New Year’s goals? Don’t be upset about it, it is natural.

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.

Is the New Year’s resolution really bad, if so many people just fail at it? No, because the real failure is giving up. If you fail at a goal once or several times, it may provoke a crisis. And at this point, I’d like to mention the Chinese word for crisis – 危机 (Pinyin: wēijī) that literally means danger and opportunity. There is a danger that a failure drags you down even deeper and leads to depression. But on the other hand, a failure is an opportunity for you to work on on your resolution. We often fail because of stepping into one of the following traps.


Trap #1

Maybe you have expected too much of you? This is a frequent reason, why people fail at pursuing a goal. Many people want to get rid of a bad habit, like smoking, or simply change their habits towards a more successful or healthier life. Of course, there are people in this world who actually achieve to quit smoking in a day, but if you failed at it, take the opportunity of this failure to develop a new strategy. Maybe a step-by-step strategy is what you need.

Trap #2

Maybe you was not precise enough, while setting your goal? A New Year’s resolution should be about goals, if you want to achieve any. Lots of people want to improve their physical or health state, simply put: lose weight. But losing 1 kg is eventually losing weight. You may have achieved a certain level and stuck at it, and this is why in such cases you need to be precise: to know your finish line. Just consider not stepping into the trap #1.

Trap #3

Maybe you allowed someone to affect you? It happened to a lot of people, who made bad experience with New Year’s resolution. Most of them were doing it for the first time and were excited of imagining all their goals and dreams coming true, then they told it to a friend or parent, who made fun of them. Something like “you want to lose weight? I’d like to see that…” or “yeah, dream on, girl…” This may hurt even more, than simply failing and it may trigger a failure very likely. Never let anyone’s opinion affect you. You might need to keep your goals for yourself until you achieve the success that will allow you to ignore anyone who tries to stop you.

Strong points

New Year’s resolution is not bad, to answer the question above. It is simply an instrument, everyone needs to learn how to work with. My personal opinion on this is: never let anyone stop you from dreaming or setting goals and never discourage anyone else from it. Greatest minds of humankind were dreaming, wishing, setting goals and resolutions that led them to their success. Some resolutions will require your patience. If you failed at something during the first two weeks of the year, remember that you only lost 14 days out of 365 and keep on going.

Turtles live up to 300 years for a reason. God didn’t give them the speed, but the time to walk until their target.

Including the actor (and one of the most flexible men on Earth) quoted above, there are lots of examples of successful people nowadays, whose path was sticking to the goal. Find out, what strong points you have and use them for your success. We all know that turtles are slow, yet they have their method to achieve their target.

New Year’s resolution or simply a plan?

In my opinion that I explained above, New Year’s resolution is good because it is about dreams and goals. It is your very personal motivation (the best of all). But, of course, New Year’s resolution is not necessary at all. The beginning of the New Year is a symbol for a renewal – letting the old go and preparing for the new to come. However, in some cultures it is not the 1st January that symbolises the beginning of the year. And, of course, one does not need any beginning of any year.

When we asked our friends about their New Year’s resolution, we found out that some do not have any particular goals for the year, but have a determination for one goal in their lives that they pursue. This attitude often applies to craftsman or people, who found their passion or sense of life. Those, who simply love, what they do.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Many other people include into their New Year’s resolution challenges and goals in different aspects of life: sport, carrier, self-education, spirituality. This is another great attitude that helps one to live a balanced life.

For many people a new year is a chance to get the most and best out of the 365 days.


Finally, I’d like to mention a few interesting techniques, people use to stick to their goals:

  • Using small units on a long timespan: a very interesting way to plan the time, you want to invest in something. You may plan 1 hour daily, 14 hours a week or maybe 300 hours in 6 months. The advantage of this method is that you give yourself enough time for long-term challenges, like sports activities.
  • Writing down each step: keep a diary, where you write down every single achievement that brings you closer to your goal. This way you will know that spent a day for a reason and that you keep getting closer to what you desire, no matter whether your steps are small or big.
  • Setting short-term and long-term goals: this is important for always staying motivated. You might only have long-term goals in your mind, but try to think of anything, you can accomplish during a week or month. It is important to constantly experience success in something.
  • Dreaming: once you achieve something, rejoice it and let the inspiration overwhelm you. Just do not forget to dream more, to imagine new horizons and to set new goals, so you always continue getting ahead. Dream, plan, achieve and dream again.

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