La Vie en Rose in Toulouse

La Vie en Rose in Toulouse

The Southern France trip continued in Toulouse where we wanted to visit a friend, and what we discovered was a very unique city with a long history. Toulouse is called the Pink City (fr.: La Ville Rose) due to the specific architecture. From the medieval times pinkish terracotta bricks were used for construction. Nowadays, the pinkish tones still dominate the city architecture and defines the overall appearance of the city.

In the streets of Toulouse

And in the downtown many ancient buildings are present.

A sideview on the Halle aux Grains, which is a little concert hall.

Even though, it was the second half of October, the days were very sunny and dry.

A sunny day in Toulouse

Toulouse has been the capital of the Kingdom and later Duchy of Aquitaine in the medieval times. It was the religious and economic centre, as well. Before the Portuguese began importing indigo from overseas, Toulouse was also a centre of blue dye production in Western Europe. Thus, the blue dye is connected to the times of the Golden Age of Toulouse. Local people remember it and still paint their shutters using this dye.

Place Saint-Étienne

Behind this square is the cathedral of Saint-Étienne. Here is a view from afar.

The Cathedral of Saint-Étienne

We continued walking through the streets.

Finally, we arrived at the quay. Like most of traditional cities, Toulouse was built next to a river.

The quay of the river is covered by grass, so, people meet with friends to relax. As we walked along, we heard several young men and women playing guitar and singing together. We spend a really lovely afternoon there, taking a break from travelling through the city.

And this is how it began getting late.

Sunset in Toulouse

We walked to the Northern part of the city and passed the main university where we could see how modern buildings stand alongside with medieval remainings.

Medieval Remaining in Toulouse

Student quarter in the evening

Nowadays, Toulouse is an international city. In France, it has the fourth biggest student population. It hosts the headquarters of Airbus that significantly contributes to the city’s status. There are even more enterprises of the electronics and space exploration industries. All together it makes Toulouse the fourth biggest city of France.

Finishing a beautiful day with Lebanese wine.

Have you ever heard of Toulouse before? Have you ever planned to go there?