Free Foldable Checklist

Free Mini Foldable Packing Checklist For Any Traveler

We have been traveling quite a lot the past years. Using the experience, we gained, we wanted to create something useful and beautiful that other travellers can use without spending much money on it. Here is a collection of pocket size packing checklists that you can use for your next trip. It comes with different quotes on the cover. The only thing you need to do is to print out one page (copy shops are everywhere), to cut and to fold it. That’s it!


1. Print
You can print the checklist at home or in any copy shop. The only thing you need to know is that the document may differ in the spacing and color due to different printers and size of the paper.

2. Fold
Just follow the instruction below and you will have a tiny booklet at the end.

Checklist for Traveler

3. Customize

  • You can mark the things you need and strike the rest off the list. You can use the highlighter or the program Adobe Reader to highlight things on the list directly before printing.
  • On the last page you can write down your personal notes.
  • You can write down your name and the destination on the back cover to have lists for different trips.
  • If there is not enough space for your notes, unfold the booklet and write your notes on the backside of the paper.

Choose your checklist

Quotation Cover 1
download in colour

download b/w

Quotation Cover 2
download in colour

download b/w

Quotation Cover 3
download in colour

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Quotation Cover 4
download in colour

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Quotation Cover 5
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Quotation Cover 6
download in colour

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Some last words

  • Before you even start packing, it is easier to display all your items first (for women: you can create all possible outfits and photograph them in advance; this way you won’t take too much clothes).
  • Do not pack essentials in your checked luggage.
  • Use a double clip to protect a razor.
  • Put your zip top bag and travel documents in your hand luggage so that they can be taken out quickly and easily (at the security control).
  • Do not forget that only 100 ml (3.4 oz) liquid is allowed in hand luggages at most airports.
  • Pack some tea and dried food (oatmeal, dried fruits, nuts) and combine them in one box.
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding.
  • Use the contact lenses container or glasses case to store the jewellery.
  • Put your cash in different places.
  • (For women) place a cotton pad over your powdered make-up.
  • Prepare screenshots of map or offline maps, especially the way to the hotel, if you don’t have convenient roaming or new sim card in the destination country.
  • Never forget that you can buy most of the things abroad.

With these tips and checklists you won’t forget anything anymore. So have fun on your next journey!