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Hiking in Hong Kong

Hiking is a very popular activity in Hong Kong. Hardly surprising, if you think of the chaotic urban life and long working days. Additionally, you might have never thought of it, but three quarters of the entire Hong Kong’s territory is a countryside. There are sandy beaches, hills covered by grassland and forests. While staying in Hong Kong we were once invited by our local friends to go for a hike on Hong Kong’s popular trail – the Dragon’s Back. So put your comfy shoes on and let’s go :)

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First Impressions of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a breathtaking city with its huge skyscrapers, traditions within modernity, diversity of landscape, food and people, the chaos and the way it is organised and managed. The city may totally fascinate you or overwhelm you. We spent two months in Hong Kong and in this post we’d like to share our first impressions.

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