Janis Freimann

Janis Freimann

Web developer, travel blogger and simply an optimist :)
Favourite coffee drink: black Vietnamese coffee.
Favourite quote: “If you want to heal your wounds, you must be brave enough to take a look at them” – Paulo Coelho.

Hiking in Hong Kong

Hiking is a very popular activity in Hong Kong. Hardly surprising, if you think of the chaotic urban life and long working days. Additionally, you might have never thought of it, but three quarters of the entire Hong Kong’s territory is a countryside. There are sandy beaches, hills covered by grassland and forests. While staying in Hong Kong we were once invited by our local friends to go for a hike on Hong Kong’s popular trail – the Dragon’s Back. So put your comfy shoes on and let’s go :)

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Two Symbolic Sights of Kuala Lumpur

We continue our journey to interesting areas of Kuala Lumpur and today we will show you very symbolic sights.

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5 superstitions we came across in Malaysia

Superstitions of the locals are sometimes a great way to learn about the country. And speaking of Malaysia, or at least its capital city Kuala Lumpur, superstitions may introduce you to it. Here are five (a little more actually) interesting superstitions that we learned in Malaysia.

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Kuala Lumpur Unity in Diversity

A spontaneous decision took us to a country that could be described by the phrase Unity in Diversity. It was Malaysia, a country we have never been to before and only learned a few controversial things about. After spending a month in its capital city, Kuala Lumpur, we left it with a feeling that one day we may return to embrace this city and become its citizens.

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New Year’s Resolution

For many people stepping into a new year is connected with revising the results of the past year and setting goals for the next one. We wanted to dedicate a post to this subject, but simply writing about our personal achievements, goals or techniques might be a little useless. We wanted such a post to be first of all useful.

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Christmas Market in Bonn

One of the most beautiful things about Christmas in Europe is for sure the Christmas Markets. For 3 to 5 weeks central squares and boulevards of cities are covered with huts selling hot local delicacies, hot wine, lots of sweets and handicraft items.

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At the Edge of Europe

While being in Porto, we felt very relaxed. The city does not hurry, people are calm and even the rough Atlantic coastal climate does not seem to disturb them. The nights here are beautiful and the evenings long lasting.

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Where the Land Ends and the Sea Begins

After staying in familiar cities London and Paris for quite a while, we decided that it is the time for real discoveries. We wanted to see places, we have never been to before and this is how we went to the Western edge of Europe.

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One-Year-Trip: a Month in Paris

We had to leave Bagnolet and moved to the next place that we found using Airbnb once more. And this time we were lucky, as we found a perfect room for us that had a big table, suitable for working with a laptop.

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A Beautiful Day in Paris

This post is the sequel for «A Beautiful Day in Paris. Part I». After the lunch, I propose to take a look at the Southern part of the city – the left bank (fr.: La Rive Gauche). Let us begin by taking the subway to the station Cité.

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A Beautiful Day in Paris

Lots of people nowadays are disappointed of Paris. It is called dirty and crowded. People say, it stinks. They say, they are afraid of getting robbed and so on, and so on… So, is the “City of Love” just a myth?

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