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Hi there and welcome to Two Cups Blog!

You have probably wondered what this blog is about and why it is named after two cups. Shortly put – it is about travelling, enjoying the own life and the experience one gains from it.

We started this blog at the end of 2015 after we had returned from a couple trip across half the world. For one year we challenged our relationship, collaboration and lifestyle, we travelled and lived in more than 20 different places and gained some unforgettable experience. When we came back from the trip, we realised how much we have changed and learned.

Two Cups Blog was created for us to remember and to share what we have discovered in the world, in each of us and in our relationship. One thing we surely embraced while travelling was to live life to the fullest. We also want to inspire and motivate other people, who wish to take a break from the routine and to take up an adventure.

We chose the name Two Cups Blog because we asked ourselves: “what does usually bring two people together to chat and tell each other their stories?” Well, two cups of tea or coffee.

Almost every nation has a tea culture for centuries and some even for millennia. And nowadays, when the world is fast and dynamic, a little cup serves the goal to take a break and enjoy a moment of tranquility.

Now who are the creators of the blog?

Janis FreimannJanis Freimann, web and mobile developer since 2005, loves to travel and is passionate about history and cultures. He speaks 5 languages and does not intend to stop learning new ones.



Lu Kim Giang, web designer since 2013 and loves to travel to places where she has never been before. She is also a passionate cook, who tries to cook everything, she discovers while travelling.



Janis was born in Russia, in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.


21 days later in Germany Giang also came into the world.

Shortly after his thirteenth birthday Janis migrates to Germany.


He discovers web programming and learns it by doing. He creates the first two mobile apps for his own needs that later become useful to others.


Giang makes her first success as a language tutor for an adult class.

At this memorable year both of us break away from the parents' homes and start a new life with Janis going to Paris.


And Giang to London.

Later the same year the adventure of Janis continues in China.

While Giang goes to jungles Vietnam.

We both decided to apply for the Asian Studies at the University of Bonn in Germany.


All of a sudden we met each other :)

Janis introduced Giang to freelance and she decided to turn her hobby into a profession.

Shortly after that we began working together as a developer and designer couple.

We finished our minors and decided to take a break from university. So we went on a one year trip as digital nomads to experience this lifestyle while enriching our skills.


We returned to Bonn and started this blog to share the experience, we gained and stories that happened to us. Here is our very first post The First Day of a One-Year-Trip.

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